PocketLIM 5G

The PocketLIM 5G is a multi-application display and data acquisition device specifically designed for outdoor use in harsh site conditions.

The main uses are measurements and acquisitions of:

  • > drilling parameters (cabin or exterior);
  • > geotechnical in-situ tests;
  • > data resulting from special and deep foundation processes;
  • > machine parameters;
  • > HP GPS data for navigation.

The recorded data is stored and automatically transferred via mobile networks, Wifi or USB over the internet to be automatically processed in the cloud with Geo-log 4 web application.

The PocketLIM 5G is available in two versions 5” and 7” depending on the size of the screen.

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Specification of the PocketLIM 5G

The PocketLIM is amulti-applications data acquisition system. You can have the following application :

  • Drilling
  • Pressuremeter
  • Penetrometer
  • Grouting (low pressure)
  • Drilling-blasting
  • Lugeon
  • Jet-grouting
  • CFA
  • Soil-mixing
  • Vibro-flotation

The sensors areessential components of the data acquisition system..
They quantify and represent a physical quantity in the form of a signal (usually electric) which is then used in the development of many calculations.
To secure and take benefits of its applications, LIM is using the following sensors :

  • Depth/speed (IAS)
  • Pressures, rotation speed
  • Flow
  • Positionning

The PocketLIM 5G has a simple Human Machine Interface (HMI) and effective and a 5-inch color touch screen (800 x 480 pixels) with icons, color codes and virtual keyboard.
Functions are also accessible via 4 anti-vandal buttons located below the screen.
The interface of the pocketlim is Multilingual.

Graphical display is available in realtime during the recording and after to replay the record.

The sensors are connected to the data-logger via
With two networks can bus in standard (CAN BUS aplication and CAN BUS Machines), this technology make easy the installation, and ease the maintenance and the evolution.

The 3G 4G wifi modem integrated in the PocketLIM,allow the automatic transmission and the synchronisation files.
Synchonisation can be made automatically with usb plugs
The PocketLIM records data in the open source bor specification.

  • Dimensions : 157 x 165 x 57mm - 6.18” x 6.69” x 2.75”
  • Weight : 1Kg
  • Internal memory 2Go (equivalent to several millions of meter or feet for 4 drilling parameters;)
  • 32 bit ARM processor
  • Linux kernel OS
  • Internal 3G,4G modem

  • metric GPS
  • Thermic printer compatible

The PocketLIM 5G applications

The lim@mail option

Lim@mail is an internet service working with the PocketLIM 5G recorder, the MiniLIM 5G recorder, the automatic presuremeter PressioLIM AUTO and the manual pressuremeter PressioLIM.
It provides:
Transfer and synchronization of data files (BOR, CSV and PDF formats) of the PocketLIM 5G from the building site via the mobile internet via the 3G modem or the WiFi module of the recorder.
Fleet management of PocketLIM 5G recorders, Email user addresses and data files
Automatic sending of graphic reports in PDF format following a presentation template defined to the email addresses chosen by the operator. The dates and times of the sendings emails are configurable

The received filed can be procces by Geo-log 4 or LIMsoft.

Sensors of the PocketLIM 5G

The sensors are essential components of the data acquisition system.<br> They quantify and represent a physical quantity in the form of a signal (usually electric) which is then used in the development of many calculations.<br> o secure and take benefits of its applications, LIM is using different types of sensors.

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