DIL38 / DIL38G

The induction tool generates an electromagnetic field in the vicinity of the borehole and measures the response of the formations to this applied field. Both inphase and quadrature measurements are taken and digitised by the sonde electronics for transmission to the surface equipment. In this way both formation conductivity and magnetic susceptibility data can obtained, even in dry or PVC equipped boreholes.

The relatively low operating frequency and the design of the coil array combine to minimise borehole effects and maximise both depth of investigation and vertical resolution. An optional natural gamma detector incorporated into the tool provides lithological information and is useful for correlation purposes.

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BDV42 specifications

  • Diameter : 38 mm
  • Length : 2150 mm
  • Weight : 6.20 Kg
  • Max. Temp : 70°C
  • Max. Pressure : 200 bar

  • Effective spacing : 510 mm (ILM) ; 810 mm (ILD)
  • • Operating frequency : 39.0625 KHz
  • Range : 0.2 to 5.500 mS/m (about 0.22 Ohm.mFS
  • Resolution (background noise) : 0.25 mS (mmho) > resolves 4000 Ohm.m
  • Accuracy / drift : 5 mS/m (5 mmho) over all temp. range

  • Gamma ray sensor: ø25 x 50 mm NaI(Tl) crystal
  • Centralisers non-magnetic
  • calibration jig
  • transport case

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