The PressioLIM AUTO performs in automatic or semi-automatic mode a L.Menard pressuremeter test according to the EN ISO 22476-4 European standard. It displays and records data in real time.

The PressioLIM AUTO complete the LIM Pressuremeter (Ménard) range in offering a stand-alone and smart regulation management of the different Pressure & Volume variables.

The PressioLIM AUTO must be used with a PocketLIM 5G or a MiniLIM 5G (PRESSIO or GEOTECH version).

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PressioLIM AUTO specifications

Must be used with a PocketLIM 5G or a MiniLIM 5G (PRESSIO or GEOTECH version).

  • Pressure regulations via a driven electrovalves system
  • initial conditions control to assume the good execution of pressuremeter tests
  • Drilling parameters acquisition in option.
  • Pressuremeter tests can be realized till 100 bar
  • Constant control of variables to keep the device security in case of overpressure or/and too high volume
  • 12-24 VDC Power supply
  • Front facade full screen printed aluminum

  • Weight : 26 kg
  • Dimension : 620*490*220 mm

Automatic data transfer and processing according to the EN ISO 22476-4 European standard with the Lim@mail and Geo-log 4 option. We can also make maintenance

  • Self execution of Pressuremeter tests
  • Pre-programmed test end according to the conditions defined by the operator
  • Possible action of the operator who can choose intervals between pressure stages

  • Pressure stages monitoring by the operator
  • End of test by the operator

  • Case of transport adapted and shockproof in propylene copolymer, light material, durable and chemically very resistant
  • Vertically addaptative tripod

The lim@mail option

Lim@mail is an internet service working with the PocketLIM 5G recorder, the MiniLIM 5G recorder, the NanoLIM 5G recorder, the automatic presuremeter PressioLIM AUTO and the manual pressuremeter PressioLIM.
It provides:
Transfer and synchronization of data files (LIM, BOR, CSV and PDF formats) of the PocketLIM 5G from the building site via the mobile internet via the 3G modem or the WiFi module of the recorder.
Fleet management of PocketLIM 5G recorders, Email user addresses and data files
Automatic sending of graphic reports in PDF format following a presentation template defined to the email addresses chosen by the operator. The dates and times of the sendings emails are configurable

The received filed can be procces by Geo-log 4 or LIMsoft.

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