The eMindLogger logging data acquisition module is one of the most compact and reliable available on the market. It can operate without modification on single- or four-conductor logging cable and will run the full range of LIM probes including basic 6-channel, imaging probes, spectral gamma and full-wave sonic. Connection to the logging PC or laptop is via a USB port.

The individual eMindLogger acquisition software packages are optimised according to the type of probe, use minimal system resources and are compatible with all versions of the Microsoft Windows® environment from Windows® XP onwards.

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Emind logger specifications

  • Easy and fast curve scale adjustment during logging;
  • Superior data transfer rates permitting faster OPTV logging speed ( OPTV52
  • «REPLAY mode» allowing both the visualisation and rapid modification of curves immediately after recording;
  • Easy export of OPTV (OPTV52)and BHTV (BHTV42)

  • Length : 265 mm
  • Height : 67 mm
  • Use with a logging cable until 2500 m
  • Depth measurement : encoder 5V / square signal / 1 mm
  • Width : 130 mm
  • Weight : 1.5 kg
  • Speed rate : 312.5 kbits/s
  • power 12 VDC

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