Emind logger

Connected to your laptop USB port, the eMindLogger becomes the most compact and powerful logging interface on the market.

It can handle standard RG6 channel probes and all Electromind high resolution tools such as the optical and acoustical televiewers, full wave sonic and spectral gamma probes.

The eMindLogger system only requires a personal computer, a probe and a winch to provide a high quality logging system.

At the heart of the eMindLogger is the latest easy-to-use Windows® based application allowing flawless data acquisition.

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Emind logger specifications

  • Easy and fast curve scale adjustment during logging;
  • Superior data transfer rates permitting faster OPTV logging speed ( OPTV52
  • «REPLAY mode» allowing both the visualisation and rapid modification of curves immediately after recording;
  • Easy export of OPTV (OPTV52)and BHTV (BHTV42)

  • Length : 265 mm
  • Height : 67 mm
  • Use with a logging cable until 2500 m
  • Depth measurement : encoder 5V / square signal / 1 mm
  • Width : 130 mm
  • Weight : 1.5 kg
  • Speed rate : 312.5 kbits/s
  • power 12 VDC

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