The InclinoLIM 2D, a third generation product of the lim SAS company, is a dispaly allowing to display in realtime the 2D pitch tilt of boom (X, Y ±70° relative to the vertical)

The InclinoLIM 2D, can be installed on any type of tig indoor (on-board) or outdoor (IP 68).

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InclinoLIM specifications

Real time indication of the drill mast inclination in the two X and Y directions at 1/10th of a degree.

C.A.N. BUS (Controller Area Network) technology.

Back-lit LCD screen 8 mm heigth with 2 lines of 16 characters.

ALARM version to measure the pitch and roll of the drill rig chassis. A visual and sonor signal notifies the operator when the pre-entered limit angles are reached.

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