About LIM

LIM SAS was incorporated in 1985 in the Lyon region, France, by Mr. Frédéric Malinet, a geologist.

The LIM corporate objects are the design, manufacture and marketing of measuring instruments and software applied to drilling for following purposes, geotechnical, special foundations, drill and blast, mining and hydrogeological exploration.

To complete its product offering, on January 1, 2017 LIM SAS acquired Electromind, a company based in Luxembourg and specialized in the development, manufacture and marketing of logging (borehole geophysical) equipment.

Electromind became LIM LOGGING.

Beyond the simple design of measuring instruments, by offering hardware and software, LIM is positioned as a provider of complete solutions for the measurement and acquisition of drilling data, whether during drilling or in boreholes after their completion.

LIM’s main business areas are Special Foundations, Geotechnics, Hydrogeology, Mining and Extractive Industries as well as Underground Work (Tunnels).

Our Values


We have spent on average more than 10% of our turnover in R & D over the last 15 years to ensure our customers the best technological level


Meeting our deadlines and our commitments is the focus of our development policy while remaining attentive to our customers and our markets


Since our creation in September 1985, we have always focused on technological innovation and the professional and human quality of our employees


September 1985

Creation of the company LIM SAS by Frederic Malinet

May 1986

Patent FR 2 593 606 of January 29, 1986 on “method for calculating the instantaneous speed of advancement of a body turning or hitting, including a drilling tool and apparatus for implementing this process” this yielded its first all digital drilling recorder , the LIM8000S (8 parameters)

February 1990

The patent FR 2657 964 of 06 February 1990 on the “method of display speeds draft of a body in a material according to its successive positions within the meaning of work and apparatus for implementing” leading to the second generation (2G) apparatus (LIM 3000 & 4000)

Jully 1992

The patent FR 2 694 399 July 31, 1992 on “Method for evaluating the relative hardness of different layers of soil and equipment for its implementation” part of an overall development of the third generation (3G) apparatus (FORALIM II) and various associated applications (drilling, grouting, compaction, Jet Grouting)

January 2000

Integration CAN BUS Technology and graphical Screen on the 4th generation apparatus (4G) in January 2000 which led to the development of the fourth generation

January 2003

Transmission of wireless data (GSM / GPRS) in January 2003

May 2006

Integration of a TFT color display with touchscreen technology and ARM Linux Kernel for the 5th generation apparatus (5G)

March 2007

New Developments in Logging (Data Acquisition) and Scanning core samples, The ScanLIM


Revolution for the management of the recorded data thanks to the automatic synchronization with an internet server, in 2009, with the launch in production of the 5th Generation (5G)


n the aftermath, in 2010, first Internet software (Cloud) for geological and geotechnical data processing Geo-log 4, and launch of the Jet-Grouting version for the PocketLIM and the MiniLIM


creation of the , DeviaLIM


Launch of the recorder MiniLIM 5G, and the lugeolim application for the PocketLIM 5G and the MiniLIM 5G and release of the PressioLIM


integration of the CPT probes in the PocketLIM 5G


Creation of the VisuaLIM 5G and the 1200 meters WinchLIM and release the penetrolim appication for the MiniLIM 5G


reation of the 300 metersWinchLIM and release of the boatlim application


Release the new exploration application in the PocketLIM and release of the cavity volumetry measurement instrumentation


Launch of the automatic PressioLIM and acquistion of electomind company : Our offer in probes


Electromind becomes LIM LOGGING
New PocketLIM applications: NaviLIM, HP GNSS drill navigation (GPS RTK) for drill&blast rigs and Drill@LIM web application for drill fleet management, control and real-time monitoring by getting information on machines status (engine parameters, machine parameters, alarms, ..)


New 7” display PocketLIM 5G version to complete the range MiniLIM, PocketLIM 5”
New borehole logging probes: OPTV 38 in addition to OPTV 52, BHTV 42 High Temperature (125°C), and the PDGC 50 probe which provides a classic triple-spacing sidewall focussed formation density measurement, with the additional advantage of a incorporating a photo-electric effect energy detection window


Launch of the recorder NanoLIM 5G dedicated to drilling parameters

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